Going out with attending college numbers. Contrasting the age selectivity of recent extinctions with Phanerozoic qualities.

Going out with attending college numbers. Contrasting the age selectivity of recent extinctions with Phanerozoic qualities.

Steve C. Wang: Speaks

2. contrasting age selectivity of contemporary extinctions with Phanerozoic credentials and bulk extinctions, Geobiology Symposium XXVII, college of Pennsylvania, March 2020.

1. Estimating the length of time and speed of Cambrian blast, Geological country of The country Annual fulfilling 2019, Phoenix, Sep 2019. [abstract]

4. include we all getting into an up to date bulk extinction?, Swarthmore summertime Scholars system, July 2019.

3. promoting graduate inquiries (mini-talk), NSE Inclusive quality coaching lunch break program, Swarthmore university, March 2019.

2. become most of us getting into an innovative size extinction?, staff lunch break line, Swarthmore school, November 2018.

1. measuring up age selectivity of modern extinctions with Phanerozoic qualities and weight extinctions, Geological people of The usa total Meeting 2018, Indianapolis, November 2018. [abstract]

3. sales for going out with anxiety in paleontological analyses, Geobiology Symposium XXVI, school of Pennsylvania, Feburary 2018.

2. sales for internet dating doubt in paleontological analyses, Geological country of The country household Meeting 2017, Washington, October 2017. [abstract]

2. are Research-Active in Teaching-Focused Colleges (invited decorate), spot Statistical Meetings, Baltimore, May 2017. [abstract]

1. Fossil-based online dating from the divergence of Hominoidea and Cercopithecoidea, Geological world of The united states gross appointment 2016, Denver.

3. how exactly we really know what Most people won’t understand: making use of reports to find out the Unknown, stats truthful, Strath Haven high-school, might 2016.

2. Fossil-based dating for the divergence of Hominoidea and Cercopithecoidea, Geobiology Symposium XXIV, University of Pennsylvania, Feburary 2016.

1. Adaptive credible intervals on stratigraphic mileage once healing potential was as yet not known, Geological environment of The united states household Meeting 2015, Baltimore, December 2015. [abstract]

4. All pets great and smaller: a brief history of animals measurement progress, staff Lunch program, Swarthmore institution, April 2015

3. All creatures big and lightweight: the historical past of animal proportions advancement, mathematics 3 (numerical reasoning), invitees lecturing, Swarthmore College, April 2015

2. All beings fantastic and little: the progress of dog proportions along the Phanerozoic, Geobiology Symposium XXIII, University of Pennsylvania, Feburary 2015.

1. Estimating the period and tempo regarding the Cambrian surge, Geological Society of America gross fulfilling 2014, Vancouver, April 2014. [abstract]

4. Estimating the volume of Pulses in a Mass Extinction, Geobiology Symposium XXII, college of Pennsylvania, Feburary 2014.

3. how exactly we Know What We Don’t see: utilizing information to determine the unfamiliar, electricity Insurance joint possibility professionals info Meeting, Orlando, March 2014.

2. Visualizing large-scale trends making use of time-varying change-vs-ancestor patch, Geological culture of The usa total Meeting 2013, Denver, Oct 2013 [abstract].

1. How We really know what we do not realize: Using stats to see the as yet not known, someday college, New York City, Sep 2013.

2. Internet dating the Demise on the Dinosaurs, moment Tuesday medicine Cafe, Swarthmore school, might 2013.

1. Estimating the volume of Pulses in a Mass Extinction, Geological Our society of America Annual conference 2012, Charlotte, December 2012 [abstract].

2. Within- and among-genus elements of sizing aspect during bulk extinction and data recovery, Geobiology Symposium XX, institution of Pennsylvania, Feburary 2012.

1. Within- and among-genus the different parts of foraminiferan size mechanics during bulk termination, recovery, and credentials times, Geological community of The country household Meeting 2011, Minneapolis, Oct 2011 [abstract].

7. having your Paper printed, Division of Effective Sciences summer lecture sets, Swarthmore college or university, July 2011.

6. a relationship the Demise regarding the Dinosaurs, team of math, Bucknell institution, March 2011.

4. romance the Demise belonging to the Dinosaurs, customer lecture, Geology 203, section of Geology, Bryn Mawr university, December 2010.

3. Effective PowerPoint Presentations, Beardsley Media Center/ITS, Swarthmore School, November 2010.

2. concepts of Statistical Inference: probability as well Bayesian prototype, Paleontological community small Course, Geological environment of The country Annual fulfilling 2010, Denver, March 2010.

1. Paleontology, numbers, Earthquakes, and just why You Should Start puffing (?), Faculty lunch break show, Swarthmore college or university, September 2010.

9. Offering a conversation utilizing PowerPoint, Division of All-natural Sciences summer time lecturing series, Swarthmore College, https://datingmentor.org/escort/oceanside/ July 2010.

8. Modeling Food Web breakdown when you look at the end-Permian Mass termination, office of Geology, discipline Museum of All natural record, April 2010.

6. going out with the Demise of Dinosaurs, Hadly clinical, team of biological science, Stanford institution, February 2010.

5. Statistical difficulties in Paleontology, section of Statistics, Stanford institution, January 2010.

4. adapting termination charges for Taxonomic Susceptibility, section of Paleontology, American art gallery of All natural records, December 2009.

2. Confidence stretches through the duration of a weight termination, Geological community of The united states household fulfilling 2009, Portland, Oct 2009 [abstract].

1. Accounting for that Signor-Lipps influence in calculating the period of a Mass termination, Payne clinical, section of Geological and ecological Sciences, Stanford college, Sep 2009.

5. the nice, unhealthy, plus the Ugly: ideas and traps of Displaying records, unit of Effective Sciences summer lecturing series, Swarthmore institution, July 2009.

3. sales towards Signor-Lipps result in Estimating the lifetime of a bulk Extinction , Geobiology Symposium XVII, Department of Paleobiology, National art gallery of herbal traditions, Smithsonian establishment, Feburary 2009.

2. self-esteem stretches on Stratigraphic mileage Once data recovery Potential try Unknown, Geological culture of The usa household Meeting 2008, Houston, April 2008 [abstract].

1. enjoying the 85th christmas of Herman Chernoff plus the 35th christmas of his own «using Faces to exemplify information in K-Dimensional place Graphically», called talk, Quintessential Contributions: Celebrating foremost Birthdays of Statistical Tips as well as their creators, Harvard University, Sep 2008.

10. Visualizing Managerial tips in Baseball, fit Statistical group meetings, Denver, May 2008. [abstract].

9. Bunts, Steals, and Pitchouts: Visualizing managing options in hockey, trip the Tide to Swarthmore [prospective college students’ event], April 2008.

8. Visualizing Managerial tips in hockey, invitees lecturing, mathematics 3: Introduction to statistical wondering (Prof. Gene Klotz), Swarthmore Institution, April 2008.

7. altering Extinction Rates for Taxonomic Susceptibility, welcomed address, Ecolunch, division of biological science, college of Pennsylvania, March 2008.

6. esteem Intervals on Stratigraphic varieties any time data recovery Capability is actually unidentified, Geobiology Symposium XVI, University of Pennsylvania, Feburary 2008.

5. Visualizing Managerial tactics, wanted chat, AAAS gross appointment, Boston, January 2008. [abstract]. (likewise witness in this article for news plans.)

4. What Brought the Permian Extinction? Making use of Markov sequence Monte Carlo to research the main Mass Extinction Ever, bid discuss, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Villanova school, March 2008.

3. Modeling snacks internet failure in the End-Permian termination, customer lecture, Physics 120: Physics of natural methods, Swarthmore university, February 2008.

2. Changing Termination Costs for Taxonomic Susceptibility. Geological country of The country household fulfilling 2007, Denver, April 2007 [abstract].

1. Markov string Monte Carlo: using potential, office of math and Statistics, Swarthmore college or university, September 2007.

8. Learning the actual concepts of Statistical products, Joint Statistical group meetings, sodium sea urban area, August 2007. [abstract].

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